Pamela Smyth

Pamela Smyth

Pamela Smyth is one of most respected and requested make up designers working in TV and film in the UK. Her faultless precision, total professionalism and sharp wit make her a firm favourite on set with everyone from actors, directors and producers to her team of trainees and make up assistants whom she manages and mentors.

Pamela first became interested in make up as a teenager when she was on the other side of the camera as a model for hair photoshoots. A diligent learner, Pamela observed, quizzed and picked up industry secrets and skills that top make up artists would only ever share with their models.

Her move to behind the camera, working with the then up-and-coming hairdresser Paul Stafford and local fashion photographer Jim Crone proved to be an award -winning combination with a string of British Hairdressing Awards and L’Oreal Colour Trophy accolades.

Pamela’s signature style of ‘flawless perfection’ was crafted and perfected while working on fashion shoots before the birth of digital photography and retouching. Make up had to be flawless, first time and everytime.

Then came the advertising contracts both for still campaigns and TV ads which involved a lot of travel, and when at home Pamela worked in UTV and BBC on various TV shows. 8 years and over 600 contracts later, Pamela took the plunge into film.

Back then TV make up was all about quantity and not quality but Pamela’s make up skills made her stand out – loved by the actors for making them look sensational, and loved by directors for making their stars look picture perfect on camera.

As a make up designer, Pamela understands what it takes to be a success in a highly competitive industry. The level of commitment, dedication and skill required are gained not only by knowing but by doing. With 25 years experience, it was a natural progression for Pamela to establish a school in 2009 that would allow her to share her vast experience with others.

Pamela maintains an active role within the industry working with her team on a mixture of studio produced feature films and independent productions for cinema and television but will build time in between her busy schedule to share her knowledge and hopefully find some new trainees to mentor on set!


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