I Want To Train To Become A Make Up Artist


Every makeup artist needs the right foundation to build their skills upon so our Foundation course is the first step on the ladder to becoming an all-round makeup artist.

The Make up Dept. courses are modular so you can select the course required to fill your skills gap.

The only courses that must follow in a progression are the Foundation Course followed by the Fashion & Photographic course. All other courses can be taken in any order. The follow guide breaks down the courses to illustrate which are needed at the various stages of a makeup artists career.

I want to learn to be a Beauty Makeup Artist

Obesesed with makeup and want to make it your career?

You will need the Foundation course + Fashion & Photographic.

Most people coming to do our courses are already good at doing their own makeup and could probably do their own look on a friend. We do not do ‘copy this look’ tutorials. We teach the fundamentals so you, as the artist, can create any look that you can imagine on any skin type or age – with confidence. It’s an intense week of learning with lots of light bulbs going off – you won’t just be able to ‘do’ makeup – you will ‘know’ makeup.

We usually advise having a gap between the Foundation and Fashion & Photographic course to allow the knowledge your’ve learned to develop and allow time to practice.   Fashion & photographic course is all about creativity and building confidence from Avant Guarde to flawless red carpet looks – this course expands your makeup artistry and brings in all the colours and textures. This is where you take what you know from the Foundation Course and really become an artist.

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I want to be a TV & Film Makeup Artist

The entry level for makeup in the TV & Film industry is makeup trainee and for this you will need a basic makeup course like our Foundation course, plus Get Set Ready.  SFX is also an essential core skill for a makeup trainee but can be taken once you’ve started working.

You will need the Foundation + Get Set Ready followed by SFX. Don’t forget that our course are modular so you can take these three courses in any order, however we advise the Foundation course should always be first. Get Set Ready and SFX can be taken in any order.

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