Conor O'Sullivan

Conor O’Sullivan

Conor O’Sullivan first began sculpting in his mother’s pottery studio at the age of 3. He discovered the world of film and began sculpting professionally in 1990 when a special effects company took him on. Here he trained in prosthetics, and worked on his first film, Brave Heart, in collaboration with the Oscar winning team of Lois Burwell and Peter Frampton.His next film as a Supervisor was Saving Private Ryan for which he was nominated for an Oscar. He has created and applied prosthetics for The Hours, Quills, and The Last Samurai to name a few.

After a chance discovery on The Last Samurai Conor investigated the possibilities of a 3D prosthetic transfer system. After 3 years of Development and testing and $60,000 dollars of his personal income, the idea finally bore fruit.

Using this system Conor found that prosthetics could be applied in a fraction of the time, with perfect results. They could be smaller, more refined and infinitely improvable allowing the actor greater freedom and expression. Being almost maintenance free they proved to be about as perfect as a prosthetic could be.

Christian Bale recommended Conor to Christopher Nolan after using this system on the Werner Herzog film Rescue Dawn. Chris Nolan then offered him the chance to create the prosthetics for Heath Ledger used as part of the embodiment of The Joker. The prosthetics used on him took just 15 minutes to apply.

Most recently Conor has worked on prosthetics on Skellig, The Clash of the Titans, The Deep, W.E., Warhorse, Game of Thrones, X men and Prometheus. He is currently filming Prometheus 2.

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