Audrey Doyle

Audrey Doyle Make up artist

Audrey Doyle

Audrey’s make up career started off in Ireland working in RTE on various TV shows. She moved to film assisting various designers including as Pamela’s assistant on Occupation, Messiah, Fairy Tales, Your Highness and The Fall.

Audrey and Aisling studied together for 2 years at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design and had a similar beginning to career, which was fun as they got to experience their career together.

Working on Apocolyto, they spent 8 months in Mexico working on main cast and Audrey looked after the lead character ‘Jaguar Paw’ near the end of the movie. 8 As a makeup artist it was an amazing opportunity being thrown into the world of prosthetics and this is where Audrey found her love of applying and painting prosthetics.

Dark Knight Rises was an exciting job doing makeup and prosthetics on main cast – Michael Kane and Tom Hardy as Bane and various other actors on set. Bane’s character make up required Audrey’s flawless tattoo covering skills and since this film she has been Tom Hardy’s ‘personal’ makeup artist.

As the Makeup and Hair designer on Locke Audrey faced the challenges of the progression through the journey as Tom’s character emotionally breaks down – and had to very subtly tell the story with makeup.

On Exodus Gods and Kings Audrey worked with Aisling and Tina as designer. The job required a lot of laying on facial hair – tattoo covers, slash wounds and elaborate Egyptian makeups.

2016 brought three Oscar nominations for the make up teams Audrey worked on including a win for Mad Max Fury Road.


Mad Max Fury Road was challenging and hugely rewarding working with a large team of makeup and hair people from all over the world. Filming in the Namibian desert for 6 months had its challenges as Tom Hardy’s personal makeup artist included tattoo cover, scars, wounds – through various degrees for his character. At the start of movie he has beard and facial hair then gets kidnaped, shaved and tortured. The job included various prosthetic applications for the blood bag and probondo pieces for the face plus lots of blood and dirt makeup.

From the extreme heat of the desert Audrey went on to film The Revenant in snowy Canada with prosthetic headpiece, cuts, scars, frostbite and dirt – and a second Oscar nomination for make up.


Audrey’s third Oscar nomination was a named nomination for Legend along with Christine Blundell. In Legend Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins and through makeup Audrey needed to make them look very different. With Reggie she warmed up his skin and made him look healthy and with Ron she paled him down and used aging makeup and dental prosthetics.

Audrey has taught in various colleges over the years and is our specialist SFX tutor.


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